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Bella Cucina announced that Joseph Doppes restaurateur and food consultant will be working with the kitchen staff for a six-month tenure. Doppes extensive background includes graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, executive chef at Riverside Golf Club, chef/proprietor at Bistrot Margot, owner at Francesca's. When asked Doppes replied “…the owners, Tom Jr. and Tom III, wanted to fine tune some things so they asked me if I would help to make that happen and I said I would be glad to. In the few days I’ve been here I am impressed with what’s here already - the cleanliness priority is in place, the equipment is well maintained and the staff works as a team. That allows me to focus on menu enhancements and presentation.” Both Toms said they thrilled to have Joe join them excited about the direction that they have planned for Bella.

Pizza Chef Joel Wilcox was born in Glen Falls, NY before moving to Queens. He developed a passion for pizza-making at age 13 and never looked back. His work began at Tommy’s Pizza after which he relocated to Mount Pocono, PA tossing pies at several of the town’s pizzerias.

Arriving at Bella in 2010, Joel quickly became the lead pizza chef assuming kitchen manager responsibilities shortly thereafter. As a result of his perseverance and commitment Bella Cucina was voted Best Pizza and Takeout Food that Tastes Most Like Home-Cooking. Italian style cooking is his forte and he aspires to own his own place someday.

Joel’s leadership skills and attention to detail are direct contributors to Bella Cucina receiving a Platinum Health Code Award. Their combined efforts in concert with the dedication of the entire Bella team also led to multiple “Pineapple” Awards for Outstanding Customer Service.

Bella Cucina is located conveniently on Southport-Supply Road in beautiful Southport, North Carolina. We features the areas best and most authentic Italian cuisine and all of our dishes are make fresh and to order. We are family friendly and provide a great atmosphere for any occasion, including a romantic night out, a family get-together, company dining and special events. We invite you to give us a try and hope to see you soon.

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